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While there are some really profound ideas to explore in John Lyly's Elizabethan comedy about ancient gods mingling with mortals, this rave of a play is ultimately a very silly mash up so we wanted this set to be fun. Diana and Venus are current pop divas and Neptune is an old rocker. The set also had to toggle between familiar pastoral landscapes and moments when the gods intervene, inspired by highly produced music awards show and concert spectacles. We settled on a series of ramps and playing spaces with odd angles that create the impression of a jagged cliffside or an undulating forest floor OR whose sharp edges, when lit with LEDs, evoke a music awards set. The uprights act like weathered temple columns, twisted trunks of trees in the sacred wood, and awards-show set pieces. I added a celestial body inspired by the swing Ariana Grande used at EMA Glasgow concert to connect the natural and diva worlds and create a sense of ever-present magic—the gods and goddesses intervening in a wood or village.

mixed media drawings

Gallathea sketches


charcoal on

11x14 paper

dead blue jay

approximately 3 hours


pencil & watercolor

30x22 watercolor paper

life drawing

approximately 1 hour


charcoal on

8.5x11 paper


approximately 4 hours

TOF Sketches.png

These sketches for a production of scenes from Shakespeare’s spookiest plays for Halloween was a pandemic-era innovation to make up for a missed summer season in 2020. Separating the scenes allowed for social distancing. It also gave me more freedom to play with the outdoor elements than if I was dealing with the usual main stage production. Each set incorporated recycled and foraged elements as well as indigenous plants borrowed from a local nursery. Upcycled-LED-lit set pieces made the natural setting supernatural.

mixed media drawings

Taste of Fear



digital blog art


digital blog art

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