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The Good Person of Szechwan, des. Alan Stalmah, dir. John Paul University Theater

The Tempest, dir. Kelsey Kurz (set, scenic art, properties) Child's Play NY

Emmy nominated Discovery Kids Ultimate Guide to the Awesome, 8 episodes (assistant set, properties) Stone House Productions

Winner Parent's Choice Awards Discovery Kids Zach’s Ultimate Guide, 16 episodes (assistant set, properties) Stone House Productions

Math For Kids Schlessinger Media educational video (set, properties) Stone House Productions

The Government Schlessinger Media educational video (assistant set, properties) Stone House Productions 

Kraft sales video with Rich Eisen (set, properties) Blue Chip Films

Coaching Tips with Chris Burman Pfizer training video series (assistant set, properties) Alden Image Network

Marvin Windows commercial (assistant set, properties) Santa Fe Productions

Nickelodeon commercials (4) (assistant set, properties) Swift Productions

Jakks Pacific Inc. commercials (2)  (assistant set, properties) Swift Productions

Aventis training video (assistant set, properties) France Productions

Boeringer informational video (assistant set, properties) V.P.R. Creative Group

Balance/Oasis video (assistant set, properties) Blue Chip Films

Pitney-Bowes sales video (assistant set, properties) Scott Sniffin Production Services

Neoteric Cosmetics commercial (set, properties) Blue Chip Films

Allegra sales video (assistant set, properties) Roller Coaster Studios

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